14 July 2021

MEP Pietro Fiocchi invites YOU to the ECR Eurolat Summit 2021

10 July 2021

ECR Group reacts to Slovenian Presidency

This week, Slovenia inherited the Presidency of the European Council from Portugal. Marking the handover, Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Janša addressed MEPs, outlining its priorities for the coming months. The ECR Group sees considerable common ground, namely around the new Presidency's stances on recovery and resilience after the COVID-19 pandemic, a more sensible approach to migration, and help for SMEs.

6 July 2021

ECR Co-Chair Raffaele Fitto welcomes Slovenian Council Presidency based on common ground

21 June 2021

“Latin America is a continent of great contrasts” - Jarosław Kaczyński

11 June 2021

Stop Belarus’ human rights abuses

10 June 2021

Women in politics | MEP Assita Kanko

One hundred years after women won the vote or were first elected to parliament in some EU countries, the data show that women continue to be under-represented in politics and public life, in the European Parliament, national parliaments and governments, and local assemblies. The arguments for gender balance in politics are numerous, and benefit not only women and female politicians, but also parties themselves and the rest of society. After all, women form half the population and need to be better represented in power structures. However, there is now solid evidence both of obstacles and of the strategies that are effective when it comes to increasing women's participation and representation. Here, political parties and the media can be both barriers and important enablers. The EU has committed to achieving a gender balance in political representation and participation as a matter of justice, equality and democracy. Concrete recommendations have been made for achieving this goal, including specific action that could be taken by the EU institutions, national governments, political parties, civil society and the media. The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has shone a spotlight on the issue of women's leadership and its implications for gender equality.