10 February 2022

Carbon Sinks & COP26

24 January 2022

Roberts Zīle is elected as Vice-President of the European Parliament

19 January 2022

Raffaele Fitto pays his respects to the late David Sassoli

11 December 2021

Mass migration is proving to be one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century

2 December 2021

We need an EU Special Envoy for Freedom of Religion & Belief

27 November 2021

The Situation at the EU Belarus Border

This week, the European Parliament debated the situation at the EU-Belarus border. The ECR Group condemns the escalation of conflict on the Polish-Belarusian border, where a huge number of migrants under the control of armed Belarusian units have been destroying border fences and harassing Polish border police in an attempt to cross illegally into EU territory. We believe that the scenes taking place on the border between Poland and Belarus are a continuation of the Lukashenko regime’s attempt to use people as weapons in its hybrid warfare campaign to destabilise the Union. The ECR Group expects a response from the EU in the strongest possible terms.