2 June 2021

Stockholm Recap – Europe’s Future

25 May 2021

Just Transition Fund | ECR Group

As a key element of the EU #GreenDeal, the fund aims to assist member states in economic diversification & labour market adaptation. But, the fund isn't without its caveats.

20 May 2021

“By punishing the UK, you are harming the EU too.” | MEP Assita Kanko

19 May 2021

NO to COVID-19 vaccine patent waivers | MEP Geert Bourgeois

ECR MEP Geert Bourgeois counters calls to waive patents on COVID-19 vaccines in the European Parliament plenary session on 19/05/2021.

10 May 2021

Europe Day 2021 | Europe’s Future. A New Hope

Curious about what the ECR Group does in the European Parliament? To mark Europe Day 2021, we spoke to our MEPs and people on the street about what they see for the future of Europe. For us, the ultimatum so often proposed – more Europe or no Europe – risks destroying all the progress that our sovereign European nations have made through collaboration over all these years. There's a sensible, middle way for Europe. It is time to restore the ideal of a Europe that respects the sovereignty of our national democracies. It is time to rebuild our community of European states – a Europe of mutual respect, cooperation and solidarity. It is time for a new hope for Europe. Learn more at https://ecrgroup.eu/​ and https://ecrthefuture.eu/

29 April 2021

MEP Herman Tertsch on the first live conference of the ECR Eurolat Policy Working Group