23 June 2022

EU enlargement & the energy crisis | Raffaele Fitto speaks ahead of the EU Council meeting

In the European Parliament plenary session in Brussels on the 22 June 2022, Raffele Fitto speaks ahead of the EU Council meeting, highlighting the need to grant Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia EU candidate status and to focus efforts on tackling the cost of living crisis looming over Europe.

11 June 2022

ECR MEPs have their say on the Fit for 55 package

11 June 2022

“The EU is shooting itself in the foot” | ECR MEP Alexandr Vondra on the Fit for 55 package

9 June 2022

“We need to learn from our mistakes” | ECR Co-Chairman Raffaele Fitto

Co-Chairman of the ECR Group, Raffaele Fitto, comments on the European Council conclusions in the June part session in Strasbourg.

4 June 2022

Freedom of speech: Who dares? | ECR Group

MEP Assita Kanko hosted a conference on freedom of expression with guests; Ayaan Hirsi Ali, writer and activist, and the philosopher, Pascal Bruckner. The event delved into topics such as freedom of thought and action, wokeness, cancel culture, Islam, human rights, identity and European values. Twenty years ago, Ayaan Hirsi Ali had to go into hiding because of her political views, and she still has to be guarded to this day. Recently, another journalist in France received death threats and went into hiding. Nothing has improved or changed in all these years. Even worse, the extremists killed innocent victims in bloody attacks all over Europe, and even teachers and journalists were killed by them in cold blood. What can and will we do about this? Is it time for a stronger voice of opposition, time for action?

12 May 2022

Social and economic consequences for the EU of the Russian war in Ukraine